Where I got it, why I wore it, and all that fun can, as always, be found over at HisBlackDress.com, so check that out!

Today I decided to rock a fun wig and some asymmetrically shredded pantyhose. How often do you get to read a sentence like that? Haha, anyhow, I think it’s made for a pretty cool outfit today, so I think I might have to play around with some more wigs in the future. What do you think?

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  9. sirlaggalot said: OH MY GOD YOUR HAIR IS FABULOUS. I realllly love the punchy colour and the collar on that dress.
  10. because-the-dream answered: Aswdjlrhgf!!! By the gods, this might be my favourite look from you eeeveeer! I don’t have any words for how wickedly well you NAILED it!!!
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  12. yansquid answered: oh my gosh YES! SO MUCH SASS!
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  14. geezgeorge answered: That wig!
  15. cainelang answered: The wig idea is super rad. I love it.
  16. reallovehurts answered: sigh, i wish i could serve like you
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