Top: Target

Skirt: ASOS Curve

Shoes: Target

This outfit is pretty similar to an outfit I posted last week, but I decided to take photos of it anyhow. I really love this skater skirt, and I’m kinda addicted to these shoes too, haha. Decided to try this look with nude tights, which I don’t usually wear, and I kinda dig it. What do you think, Tumblr?

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  4. littlekingr answered: Those shoes look totally cute on you!
  5. jasmin-without-the-e answered: the nude tights make your legs look amazing! =)
  6. newoman answered: Looks cool!
  7. because-the-dream answered: Yep, I dig it too. The shirt and the shoes go well together!
  8. distrap-on answered: love love love it! :D
  9. ms-kawesome said: Those shoes are awesome they’re like space boots.
  10. archergal said: Your legs look great!
  11. brooktini answered: your legs look great!
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    You are such a cutie
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  15. snowdropsinjune answered: That is such a fabulous combination!!! Love the shoes! Love the dress! Love the attitude! :D
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